I'm so glad you asked...:

who, or
what is zendaba???

zendaba is----

me - to find out about me...

or keep on reading to find out the origin of zendaba.

I was born in Afghanistan (born a U.S. citizen of American parents) back in the mid '50's and lived there about 8 years.

so it comes from my early roots.

i grew up in other cool places too like




yeah, but what about zendaba? - let's get back to zendaba. When I lived in Afghanistan it wasn't in the turmoil that currently exists in the country today. The Shah was in charge, Russians hadn't sent their military in, civil war hadn't broken out and we hadn't bombed the crap out of them - for the most part the country was peaceful.

As a child my brother and sisters and I learned the Afghan national anthem at an early age. The first line (english pronunciation of the Farsi, the official language) started out something like this:

Zendabod he Shah.....

Zenda means ALIVE or LIVE while
bod means TO BE The literal translation is ALIVE BE. Roughly translated it means long live or long life to the Shah (which has certainly been the case as he is still alive and living in Italy). From this early childhood memory I came up with zendaba as my on-line persona. "Zendabashi," a common Farsi greeting means LIVE LONG (or as Spock would say "Live long and prosper.")


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