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This area is a gallery of events and friends related to the LP experience 1978 to 1996

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-> the LP October 2, 1999 Reunion photos - added 11/22/99

-> the LP Partys Past... - added 9/26/99

-> the LP Staging Wall-o-Fame II - added 10/31/98

-> the LP Staging Wall-o-Fame I - added 8/12/98

->Recent Events

-> the LP Reunion 3-Peat - 6/6/98:
Scott with Brian
Lara and daddy Dan
Peter, Ray and Carlos
Rick, Jim and Carlos
Lisa and Tony K.
Jim and Rob
-> the Celtics gathering - 3/23/98:
Boon & the Bulls Brothers
Tim and Larry.
Infalteabull Gone Wild
Our own giant...
Larry and Boon in the moment of the game.
Jim and Benny
-> Going away party - one of many in late '97
Boon & Mike R.
Mike R. & 2 Bauers
LP Potpourri
Maynard & Tim

->Less Recent Events

-> Boon's going away party 1997 (LP Reunion 1)
Pam, Tim, Amy & Joe
Frank & Ray
Jesus, Randy, & Boon
Mark, Brian & Ken
Jim, Rob, Anne, Clay & Lisa

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