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Please note that these photos are now password protected. Email me and I'll send you the user ID and password.

June 2005 - Trip to Michigan & other misc. summer. (1 page, 29 shots)

May 2005 - Hannah's bday & party, Midnight Mile, butterflies and the buckthorn fence. (2 pages, 62 shots)

April 2005 - Spring, park work day, daddy-daughter dance & misc. (1 page, 23 shots)

January to March 2005 - Snow, cats, trips, SXSW, AV reunion party, the 929 moves on. (2 pages, 42 shots)

December 2004 - Abba's bday, Christmas & misc (1 page, 22 shots)

September to November 2004 - First day of school, in Maryland for Grandpa C's 80th party, meeting Obama, Thanksgiving & misc. (1 page, 40 shots)

June to August 2004 - End of school, summer fun, visits from the twins, Lori and Nana, third cat (Stella) acquisition & Great America (1 page, 35 shots)

January to May 2004 - Some winter, some spring, Easter, Hannah B-day & misc. (1 page, 39 shots)

November, December 2003 - Thanksgiving, Abba's bday party, the girls in the studio, Christmas (2 pages, 59 shots)

November 2003 - Disney World Vacation! - 5 days in Disney World. (2 pages, 66 shots)

October 2003 - Wynn's Halloween party(s) (1 page, 35 shots)

October 2003 - European Vacation! - From Chicago to Paris, Avignon, Nice, Menton, Lake Como and back home again. (4 pages, 129 shots)

September 2003 - First day of school, , with uncle Daoud at Bartfest Vegas 2003, Wheaton College reunion show and Daoud's New Mexico creations. (2 pages, 41 shots)

August 2003 - Around the house and yard along with a few New Mexico August contributions. (1 page, 20 shots)

July 2003 - Trip to Flint/Fenton, Alex's summer play, hanging with Kucinich, the Vs and the Samples. (2 pages, 38 shots)

June 2003 - Flowers and the yard, trip to Port Charolette, FL, dinner at Chuck & Shelly's. (2 pages, 60 shots)May 2003 - Hannah's b-day and kindergarden graduation, spring spring and other misc. fun.

April 2003 - Jim & Hannah in Maryland, Alexandra daddy/daughter luau, Easter and the start of spring.

January through March 2003 - Misc. bits from 3 months of life.

December 2002 - Alexandra's birthday and slumber party, family dinner, Hannah school Christmas party, Christmas eve & Christmas
November 2002 - Janet's "surprise" party, Rob's last weekend in Louisville, Christine's b-day & misc.

-> October 2002 - Anti-war march, visit from Henry, Cathy & Dorothy Rose, Goebberts 2 - the return, mother-daughter karaoke night and misc. Halloween.

-> September 2002 - Back to school, Jim & Hannah's excellent New Mexico adventure and Christine & Alex's day downtown.

Nand = Nand photos and Web pages.(will launch a new browser window - close the window to return to this page.)

-> June through August 2002 - Summertime fun and gatherings including Democracy Rolling Thunder tour, Ev's going away party, forest preserve walks, Alex in Bye Bye Birdie, Great America and more. Don't miss the TTC Summer Boat Cruise 2002 Nand held on Lake Michigan on August 23.

-> May 2002 - Includes Hannah's birthday partys (school, little gym and home,) Grandma and Grandpa C visit, Alex reading fair, Hannah last day of school picnic and Alex Field Days.

-> Late February through April 2002 - Includes misc. winter to spring, Easter, Jim's B-day, Melody's dress-up party and daddy-daughter western dance.

-> Jamaica 2002 - February 14 through 20, 2002 - Yah mon. 6 pages of shots from a great week of fun and frolic. A single page, 48 photo "lite" version is also available for those on dial-up or who just want to get an overview of the trip.

-> January through February 13, 2002 - Includes winter fun, Alexandra's magic show and biography presentation, visit from papa, misc. family and home.

-> December 2001 - Includes Alexandra's 9th birthday and Christmas 2001.

-> November 2001 - Includes Carlos' surprise 40th, leaves, Alexandra's school play and Thanksgiving 2001.

-> October 2001 - Includes Goebberts pumpkin farm, Raceaway Woods walk, Amy & Andrew's wedding, and Halloween 2001.

-> September 2001 - Includes Hannah and Alexandra's first day of school, Steve's 40th party, post-911 White Sox game, Diane's going away party (photos by Zendaba, pages by Nand) and parent-teacher night at Alexandra's school.

-> August 2001 - Includes Big Grandma's 80th surprise party in Flint, MI, Uncle David arrives, Great America adventure, Grandma and Grampa Cudney visit, CVP Stamp party, Amy and Andrew's shower and the TLN boat trip. Also check out our company Raindance 2001 Nand held at TTC world HQ on August 4

-> July 2001 - Includes life at home and in the garden, the Wynn's garden, the Chief in Evanston and Robaloo visit (note that many shots in this album were taken by Robaloo.)

Zendaba obtained the digital camera at the end of June 2001. The previous digital camera was lost in Las Vegas (where else?) in October 2000 after only having it a week. DOH! Someday Zendaba will fill in the gaps with photos that still need to be scanned (uhu...) Meanwhile thanks to the genius of Nand Zendaba is able to display some nifty moments in the gap including these albums:

-> Hangin'with the... Nand Summer 2000
-> My Thanksgiving VacationNand November 1999 (first 2 rows at Mark's)
-> Brian & Molly Get Married Nand September 4, 1999, Louisville
-> Coolin' with the... Nand December 1998, Winfield

Below here is mostly stuff that has been on the site for quite some time but still fun to look at:
-> July & August 1998 Hannah gallery - 7/98, Michael & Lori come to town and at Sueson's party for Phillip on 8/23/98

-> its a baby girl! Hannah Elizabeth Raven born on May 3, 1998. it was *quite* a day.

-> our dear friend Karo passed away on March 20, 1998.


-> here's a recent picture of Alexandra at a Bulls game with "Da Bull".
-> more shots from this game 4/7/98:
Rob with "Da Bull"
Bea and Scottie P
Bea and Alex
-> the Celtics - 3/23/98:
JC and Benny
Boon & the Bulls Brothers
Tim and Larry.
Inflateabull Gone Wild
Our own giant...
Larry and Boon in the moment of the game.
-> the Hornets - 1/21/98:
Jim, Rich and Ken with "Da Bull"
Short arms.

-> Jamaica April, May 1997

-> Christine & Alex

-> A shot of Alex and Jim (1995)

-> here's a wild shot of my brother's arm (not for the squeamish.)



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